The purpose of this document is to set out the standards of behaviour expected of the Australian Arab Business Council (AABC) Members.

The Code of Conduct (“the Code”) is designed to allow AABC to preserve its position of integrity and credibility with the public and within this Council. AABC requires members to adhere to this Code in all dealings on behalf of and within this Council. This Code applies to all members.


Obligations of Membership always include:

  1.  Represent the AABC in a professional manner
  2.  Act in accordance with the aims of the AABC and its policies and procedures.
  3.  Treat with respect all people associated with the AABC including members, guests, volunteers, partners, external stakeholders, staff and Board regardless of gender, race, colour, ancestry and place of origin, political beliefs, religion, marital status, disability, age, or sexual orientation.
  4.  Act with a high level of tact and diplomacy in approaching other members and guests.
  5.  Not knowingly disseminate false or misleading information or bring any disrepute to AABC and fellow members and shall take care to avoid doing so inadvertently.
  6.  Not injure the professional reputation or practice of other members.


Observance of the Code is fundamental to the image and reputation of the AABC. Fundamental or persistent violations of the Code and the standards of the AABC and the rules as stipulated in the constitution, may lead to the Board considering cancellation of membership.

Initiated and endorsed in August 2015
Re-adopted by the Board in January 2018.