Achieving Best Marketing Return on Investment

Businesses need to take their branding and website presence seriously if they want to survive in the
technological savvy world. This was the message of the Executives of One Point, CEO Kerim El Gabaili and
Marketing Strategist, Francesco Martella. They were addressing the July dinner of the Australian Arab Business
Council(AABC) on “how to achieve the best return on investment for marketing spend.” One Point is a leading
digital marketing company in Sydney.
93% of businesses fail within the first five years according to Forbes magazine. Martella said, according to
Forbes, the main factors leading to their collapse are:
 Leadership breakdown at the top
 Lack of unique value proposition defined
 Fail to communicate the value proposition
 No relevant dialog with customer
 Not a profitable business model
Businesses need to define their goals and plan their business journey, said Mr El Gabaili. Goals give focus, allow
progress measurement, overcome procrastination and are essential motivating factors, said the speakers. The
plan should profile target audience and identify best clients, map their targets, profiles and their behaviour.
Information is not knowledge, but acting on information is what defines wisdom, concluded the speakers.