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About Arab Bank Australia

Arab Bank Australia has been operating since 1986 and has grown in strength each and every year. The Bank has developed a suite of banking and financial services and products that are regularly recognised amongst the best in the country. With branches across Sydney and Melbourne and a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, the Bank has developed expertise in a number of industries and product categories, particularly in the areas of property, everyday banking and international trade in the Middle East/Northern Africa region.

Emile Chahine

Community Support

Our core philosophy of “supporting the communities we serve”, is the primary criteria for community involvement. We ensure to make a significant and tangible difference to the organisation or cause through our involvement.

Strategically, we limit our community involvement to three core areas: community wellbeing; community culture and community support. All financial contributions, sponsorships, partnerships and activity support are within these three key involvement parameters. Although they allow for a broad scope of community involvement, we have instinctively supported areas of genuine community need or interest.

Where possible, our strategy is for our support to have a direct flow-on benefit to the people and local communities and businesses, however many of our recent partnerships have benefited a much wider audience.


Business Online Savings Account

An online savings account that provides a high rate of return, and all the convenience of a regular transaction account.

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Learn more about the convenience and flexibility of aba.online and aba.mobile.

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