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Loan Centric are innovative financial services provider that specialises in the identification and delivery of financial solutions. Specifically, Loan Centric is renowned for sourcing competitive and low interest car loans, home loans, equipment finance Commercial and personal loans. In order to do so effectively, Loan Centric compares what’s on offer from multiple Australian lenders and consistently updates its information base.
As a result of its positive reputation in the marketplace, as well as the high volume business it produces, Loan Centric is given access to products, solutions and rates that are not otherwise available direct to the public. This means that you benefit from our long-standing presence in the Australian finance industry and can enjoy the confidence of knowing that you’re dealing with a reputable company.

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Car Loan

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Just as important as choosing the right model and that perfect colour is getting the most suitable car finance and car loan package. Loancentric has a large network of Australian finance providers within its operating network and, as such, is best able to find the most appropriate and competitively priced car loans and rates.

Equipment Finance

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Having access to the right equipment, and quickly, is crucial to the operations of many Australian businesses. This is something that Loancentric is not only aware of, but something for which it has oriented its equipment finance offerings around.

Home Loans

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Loancentric has become a well-respected provider of home loan solutions for a wide array of clients from all walks of life. As a trusted name in the marketplace, Loancentric is committed to assisting its clients in securing the best possible home loan solution.

Commercial Loans

Go where the smart money goes

Purchasing a commercial property can be daunting, expensive and risky. Finding the right finance arrangement is crucial to ensuring that such a commercial transaction has the best chance of succeeding and being profitable.

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